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Heat can be a great expense to a household and, however necessary an evil, nobody enjoys footing big bills for such a comfort. However there are ways to minimise these expenses, balancing a happy pocketbook with warm toes, and consumers should be aware of how to get the most for their money. Read our tips for getting more out of your heating system.

Check your thermostat

Adjusting your thermostat by just 1 degree can save £60 annually. For optimal performance a thermostat should be placed in a hallway or living room, with a free flow of air around it to properly gauge the correct temperature. Ideally the thermostat should be set to about 18 degrees with a maximum of about 21, providing the home is properly insulated.

Understand your boiler

However intimidating it may seem get to know your boilers functions and operations. Dust off the manual and take time to learn about all the knobs and gauges so you can understand and make the best use of its features.

Turn your boiler values down low

Your boiler and thermostat work together to create heat in your radiators, emitting heat throughout the rooms of your home. Homeowners can have added control by adjusting the TVRs from room to room. By lowering them in unused or rarely frequented rooms, and raising them in common areas you can zone your heat, and not waste energy.

Boiler replacement

A boiler will become inefficient and unreliable with age. It is likely that a boiler system over 10 years old will need replacing short term. If this is you, consider replacing your boiler now and you’ll enjoy the benefits right away.

Key benefits to installing a new boiler include safety and reliability factors, as well as significant fuel cost savings, which is beneficial as energy prices continue to escalate. A new heating system can save as much as 25% on your heating bills. There are also government grants and subsidies available to offset the cost of replacing your heating system.

It is always better to plan for replacing a boiler rather than being forced into a rash decision or face costly and ineffective repairs. By planning ahead you can secure competitive boiler replacement quotes and make a well-informed decision.


Why not try our tips for a month and let us know how much you save! Please contact us to arrange a free no obligation quote or to book a service.

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